BCN Digital Signage CMS

Create and schedule contents easily and effectively

For customers and users, the BCN software looks very simple, but there is a lot of intelligence and development in the background. Reliable technical solutions and systems dependability ensure that the system works 24/7.
They say we are the best
We invest in usability. Basically, BCN's basic level usage can be learnt in 15 minutes and more advanced users will learn the entire system usage in an hour.
When the S Group made the choice to be partners with DS, the functionality and usability of the software was in a major role. The BCN software got clearly the best scores in an impartial evaluation.
BCN software plays content on thousands of screens and works with hundreds of satisfied users every day.

Quality depends on many factors

For customers and users, the BCN software looks very simple, but there is a lot of intelligence and development in the background. Reliable technical solutions and systems dependability ensure that the system works 24/7.

Ease of use, intuitive user interface

The HTML5-based, responsive BCN user interface does not require downloading of the content and is ready to use right away. It automatically scales content to different terminals, also running on slow mobile connections.
The BCN interface is very easy to use. It creates, maintains and schedules extensive contents effortlessly, regardless of time and place.

Function reliability

The most important thing for software is that it functions properly. Since our software has been running for a such long time, we have cleared all the pitfalls and problem areas. Software errors are rare and malfunctions are minimized, and of course we are constantly monitoring the performance of our software.

Integration to external data sources

BCN also integrates to external data sources, and that allows almost anything. Automatically updated prices, weather, warehouse inventory, schedules, news, social media updates and other interesting pieces of data can be easily displayed on the screen.
External content sources, media banks and cloud services can be viewed as if they were BCN's own directories. It makes it so easy to schedule and manage a large amount of content quickly.

Modern technology

Although the development of our BCN product family started 12 years ago, we have not stopped developing it, in contrary we develop it more than ever.
Softwares are running on latest and best technologies and they are constantly developed further with our in-house development team.

Create and schedule campaigns effectively

Create and add content

With our "Drag and Drop" function, it's easy to import content to BCN. You can download multiple files and common file formats for publishing in your campaigns, easily with your browser.
You can also create content in the Template section of the system, utilizing ready-made content templates very easily and quickly. Only update new texts and images to the content template and publish it to your desired screens or display groups.

Create campaigns

Create a campaign, add content, and decide which screens and what time you want it to appear. The BCN takes care of the rest.
Campaigns can also be scheduled and published automatically.
The Timeline -view facilitates the overall scheduling and planning. You just throw campaigns and content into the timeline and the BCN will show them at the right time with selected screens.

Plenty of options for organizing campaigns and schedules

One campaign can contain many different contents and can be scheduled for desired content streams, for example, for many years to come.
You can create campaigns even for just a couple of hours at a time or 24/7/365. You can choose to show the campaign and the connected contents every Wednesday at lunchtime, every half hour, every other week or according to your needs. Content Wheel feature allows virtually infinite number of options to display content. If your campaign is running around ten different content, the user can schedule them so that they will not be repeated in the same order.

Publication Templates

Publishing templates are very handy. The layout and animation styles of the template content can be designed according to the customer's brand so that individual users can not deviate from the brand.
The graphical elements in the publishing platform can be animated spectacularly. From the background, you can search for menus, weather reports, price data or any external data to be visualized on a pre-designed template background. Manually updating is also easy with the browser interface.
When publishing templates are used, no new material is required for each change. Template updates can also be automated and updated, for example, to hundreds of templates at one time in batch mode.

Targeting & Booking Engine

As a new feature in our BCN software platform, we introduce the Targeting & Booking Engine. With this targeting engine, in addition to the existing schedule-based campaigns, audience-based target groups can now be created, to which content can be automatically distributed. The Targeting & Booking Engine automatically targets, creates, and launches campaigns to those locations and displays where the desired audience can be best reached at any given moment.
Choosing the right digital signage software can be challenging. Customers rarely have a crystal-clear understanding of when a more 'traditional' digital signage software meets their needs, and when it's worth adopting a more advanced platform with targeting or media sales features."

The BCN Digital Signage software is simultaneously an advanced CMS content management system and an audience-driven targeting engine, as well as a media sales tool. The customer can decide which features they want to use to serve their business, whether it's enhancing advertising or promoting sales with new opportunities in media sales tools.
Traditional CMS content
Targeted content
Traditional CMS content and targeted content managed by Targeting & Booking Engine can be distributed simultaneously. You can easily assign & adjust channels for both purposes as your business needs to evolve.

What does BCN do?

Here are just a few examples of what the BCN can do. Contact us and we will schedule a presentation!
Flexible and multi-level user management - you can split display surfaces into groups and channels and give different users access only to their own groups, channels, or even just to a single screen or content.
Content wheel - "content revolver" - Schedule with content wheel to play different content in the same ad slot during different loop times. The playlist changes every time you play, and the content never repeats in the same order.
Triggers - content can be triggered with a variety of automatic impulses: If weather predicts sunlight, BCN rotates delicious grill products on the screens. Here, too, only imagination is a constraint.
Loop campaigns to automatically submit content as repetitive loops. Each campaign can have independent scheduling, content, and loop length.
Templates - A programmable HTML5-format content template that can be customized according to customer needs and brand.
Screen splitting - You can split the screen to desired content areas and schedule different areas to different contents.
Synchronization - Multiple media players on the same network can be synchronized to play synchronous materials. This also allows for a variety of video wall and menuboard implementations.
Tickers / RSS -feeds - On the image can be programmed different text crawls that can be retrieved from a variety of real-time sources, such as RSS feeds.