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Digital Signage Audio

The Full-Service Audio Media

Digital Signage Audio is a full-service audio media for all premises. It serves as background music, announcements, advertising, and audio media sales. It entertains your customers and boosts your sales.
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What is Digital Signage Audio?

Digital Signage Audio works as a stand-alone audio system and in combination with DS displays. With synchronized audio and video campaigns, you can improve the customer experience and boost sales. The system is delivered as a SaaS service, including software, backend maintenance and monitoring, and helpdesk services.
Background Music
Background music is proven to improve the customer experience. It entertains and stimulates buying interest. Studies show that background music makes 35% of customers stay longer and 14% buy more. Satisfied customers are also more likely to return to the store.
Announcements and Information
Quick announcements and informing can be made using IP microphones connected to the system. The scheduling function allows you to schedule automatic announcements in a planned way. With both, you can make announcements when you want to, on a large scale or in limited areas.
Audio Advertising
Audio advertising effectively increases the sales of the advertised products. The best results are achieved by targeting, based on customer research. In-store media can also be sold to suppliers and external media buyers.
S Group Audio Advertising Network
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S Group
BCN Digital Signage and Digital Signage Audio Systems
S Group is a customer-owned Finnish network of companies in the retail and service sector. The network has widely adopted the BCN Digital Signage Audio service, which enables the playing of customized background music and audio advertising in market environments, restaurants, hotels, and public spaces. 

The BCN Digital Signage Audio service is specifically designed for the needs of audio advertising. Advantages of the service are that background music stream can be imported from any source and the advertising features and tools of BCN Digital Signage software are made available for audio as well. 

S Group uses Digital Signage Audio in hundreds of supermarkets, grocery stores and fuel stations. They use the system to play branded background music for different chains and to play their audio ads automatically in between the music. They also make use of automatically triggered announcements.
BCN Audio Software
Craneworks BCN Digital Signage & Audio systems include tools for all visual and audio communication needs. The software also enables modern media sales and in-store marketing with targeting tools. Get the most out of your audio advertising, and the best value out of your owned in-store media.
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IP Audio System
IP and network-based audio is a modern solution. IP audio enables a flexible, high quality sound system that is fully remotely optimizable, manageable, and controllable, down to single speaker accuracy. The IP audio system is flexibly scalable to different needs. When you connect a BCN Digital Signage Audio media player to an IP audio system, you have a fully manageable audio network of the future.
  • Background music
  • Audio advertising
  • Announcements, e.g., info desks, cashiers
  • Automatic triggered announcements
  • Integrations with different systems, e.g., alarm systems
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