Multisensory hub

The most effective influencer of buying behavior

The Craneworks Multisensory hub is a solution for controlling image, sound, light and smells that sells and markets your products through the overwhelmingly effective means of Neuromarketing or, more familiarly, Sensory Marketing. The sensory hub is by far the most effective marketing tool and way of implementing promotional sites, as it influences the customer's purchasing decision through all the main senses, just when the customer is in the store in the purchase mode.
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Increase sales with all your senses

By advertising through the Multisensory hub, you can increase sales of your products by several hundred percent at best. Sensory influence is the most effective way to influence a client’s feelings and desires.
In trading environments, the customer's purchasing behavior is influenced in established ways. for example, with separate picture or sound solutions. The Multisensory hub combines all the most important organoleptic marketing tools into one complete solution.
The multi-sensory center strongly influences emotions and shopping behavior because Image, sound, smells cover 150/200 points of the entire human sensory field.
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Automated all-sensory promotion site

Pop-up promotions and product demonstrations generally do not utilize a holistic sensory experience. The automated sensory hub captures the customer very effectively. Sound, Image and Fragrances complement each other and the light-dominated milieu and branding provide an effective way to influence, advertise and sell.
In the background, intelligent Experience Management software controls the whole and produces a synchronized multi-sensory experience.

Content production and consulting for the sensory center

We also offer sensory center content production and consultation to our clients because we want to ensure the full effectiveness of emotional impact. The content production of the sensory center is special because the experience is the sum of many different senses and materials and they should all be designed to support each other, in which case the desired impact on the customers is maximal. We produce images, sound, music, scents, and various programmed lighting situations for the sensory centers. The display material can also be an automated Html5 template that presents the content as desired by the customer and controlled by the customer's data.

Multisensory Hub Models

Craneworks offers ready-made solutions for all kinds of trading and entertaining environments from small pop-up stores to flagship stores and enterprise level experiences.

Small Multisensory Hub

Size S
The small sensory hub is suitable for placing on product shelves, for example. It can effectively influence the sales of an individual product or product group. Sensory hub is delivered as a ready-made packaged solution.
Size S Multisensory hub contains: 
  • 1 display
  • 1 speaker
  • 1 fragrance machine
  • 1 individually controlled light surface
Uses for Size S hubs: 
  • Product shelves
  • Promotion places at shelf ends
  • Product presentation places
  • Counters and checkout areas
  • Pop-up points
  • Integrated as part of the store's furniture
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes

Medium Multisensory hub

Size M
The M-sized sensory center is suitable, for example, for shop entrances, departments or checkout areas. A sensory center can arouse the desire to buy a product right at the entrance, and the effect can be enhanced with another sensory center in the department or checkout area.
Size M Multisensory hub contains:
  • 1 display
  • 1 ​​active speaker
  • 1 fragrance machine
  • 1 individually controlled light surface
Uses for Size M hubs: 
  • Shop entrances
  • Checkout areas
  • Departments
  • Small promotion places
  • Product promotion stands
  • Exhibition stands
  • Pop-up stands
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes

Big Multisensory hub

Size L
The Big Multisensory Hub is impressive sensory center implementation suitable for a department of a supermarket or hypermarket. The Hub is delivered as a ready-made solution.
Size L Multisensory Hub contains:
  • 1 display
  • 2 ​​active speakers
  • 1 fragrance machine
  • 1 individually controlled light surface
Uses for Size M hubs: 
  • Product promotion for shelf ends
  • Product promotion areas
  • Departments
  • Exhibition stands
  • Pop-up stands
  • As part of the store's environment and furnishings
  • Restaurants
  • Cinema lobbies
  • Cafes

Flagship Store

When you need a holistic sensory experience in a flagship store, supermarket or hypermarket, showroom or similar large space, we design it as a turnkey solution tailored to you.
In this option, there is no limit to the number of devices connected to the experience management system, and as many displays, lights, speakers and fragrance machines as possible can be connected to the system. The system can be enriched with system integrations and various customized special content according to the customer's needs.
Uses for Size L hubs: 
  • Flagship stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Hypermarkets
  • High end fashion stores
  • Multisensory restaurants
  • Showrooms
  • Restaurant hubs
  • Bowling alleys
  • Cinemas

Custom Enterprise Experience

When you need a holistic sensory experience for a stadium, shopping center, entertainment center, casino, exhibition center or other similar space, we design it as a turnkey solution tailored to you.
Case: Veikkaus Casino Tampere
This option has no limit to the number of devices connected to the experience management system, but can display as many displays, lights, speakers, and fragrance machines as desired and enrich the system with AV matrixes, system control panels, system integrations, and a variety of other customized content.
Uses for Size XL hubs: 
  • Stadions
  • Casinos
  • Shopping centers
  • Exhibition centers
  • Sport & entertainment centers
  • Cruise ships
  • Airports
  • Movie multiplexes
  • Amusement parks

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