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Please note that the videos are in Finnish and subtitled in English.
Veikkaus Casino Helsinki

The finest indoor LED wall in Finland

Craneworks built Finland's finest viewing lounge at Helsinki Casino before the start of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. In the video, Casino Manager Janne Ruohonen talks about the project.

Veikkaus Casino Tampere

Customer experience with all senses

The new Casino Tampere opened in connection with Nokia Arena at the end of 2022. In the heart of the casino, an audiovisual experience has been built, which is completely exceptional on a global scale.

Casino offers a modern entertainment place for adults. In addition to table games and slot machines, customers are offered a new world of experience in the form of the Virta experience area that runs through the casino.

Virta is an experience complex created by Craneworks and its partners, which uses images, sounds, smells and lights. Digital Virta runs through the casino as a multi-channel experience area that entertains customers. At the core of experience management are high-resolution LED walls, low-resolution LED bar walls, a 12.1-channel experience sound system and videos, sounds, scents and lights that change according to seasonal themes.

Virta has been implemented in cooperation with Craneworks' sister company Doohlabs, as well as Sevende Aromas, Muuan, America and Monographic.

Veikkaus logo
Nokia Areena, Tampere, Finland
Products and services
BCN Digital Signage
BCN Digital Signage Audio
BCN Templates
BCN Scents
BCN Experience Management
Watch the video below, where general manager Tiina Siltanen, casino manager Outi Tikkanen and project manager Ari Tuuli share their views.


Energy Group as a trendsetter

Since spring 2019, Craneworks has been responsible for the design and implementation of the information display network of nearly 500 stations in Finland's St1 and Shell station network.

Since spring 2019, Craneworks has been responsible for the design and implementation of the information display network of nearly 500 stations in Finland's St1 and Shell station network. In addition to renewing the station concept, we designed several different display cases and menu screens for the interior. We offer solutions to the company as a total service, which include, among other things, mapping, installations, design of presentation templates for advertising materials and remote monitoring of screens.

Over the course of a couple of decades, St1 has developed from a Finnish gas station chain into a Nordic energy group whose distribution station network includes 1,300 St1 and Shell gas stations in Finland, Sweden and Norway. The company offers high-quality fuels and services to Nordic motorists. The company's two brands, St1 and Shell, complement each other with their strong service concepts.

Nordic countries
Products and services
LED Displays, DS Displays, BCN Digital Signage

More than 600,000 customers visit service stations every day. At manned stations, a digital info display system has taken on a central role in the business, consisting of 5-10 indoor screens and meter field pump screens per station.

The software integration of the pump displays has been implemented together with the sister company Doohlabs. Craneworks' BCN DigitalSignage software enables the presentation of versatile customer campaigns and information quickly and effortlessly.

At the end of 2018, St1 conducted a thorough tendering and comparison of the Digital Signage system and chose Craneworks as the new system supplier. In its selection criteria, St1 stated, among other things, the following:

"The chosen supplier, Craneworks, is a consistently reliable performer in all the areas we evaluated. The supplier's professionalism and clear understanding of the whole, as well as the ability to produce added value for the customer in the future, were highlighted. In our comparison, the difference between the selected supplier and the others became so clear that even a significant improvement in one or two areas does not change the final result."
Jyri Salin, Marketing Manager of St1, speaks about working with Craneworks. Note that the video is in Finnish with English subtitles.

Mall of Tripla

The largest shopping mall in the Nordic countries

Finding your way is made easy in Mall of Tripla with BCN Dynamic Wayfinding solution. Learn more about the Mall of Tripla and get to know our other references.

Largest and most developed in guiding

After years of construction, Mall of Tripla opened its doors on October 2019 and became the largest shopping mall in the Nordic countries. The mall serves its customers with 250 shops, covering all together 85 000 m2 of space. Mall of Tripla is a combination of a shopping mall, office towers, dwelling houses, a hotel, a museum and a train station, situated in a busy center of traffic and public transportation.

Mall of Tripla chose Craneworks to design and implement a demanding Digital Wayfinding project to serve its customers with a modern and advanced solution. BCN Dynamic Wayfinding system directs the shopping mall customers to shops and services, serves them with up-to-date information and offers, intelligent search functions and timetables for public transportation. 3D-map and user interface are graphically sophisticated and designed to guarantee a straightforward user experience.  

YIT / Mall of Tripla
Helsinki, Finland
Products and services
BCN Dynamic Wayfinding system, BCN DigitalSignage system

The Wayfinding solution takes into account accessibility and suitability for different customer groups. The system is suitable for quick locating of shops but also for more demanding information search. International customers are also taken into consideration as the guidance is provided in five different languages.

The BCN Dynamic Wayfinding system provides customers with up-to-date locations and information of the mall's stores and services. It also displays offers and information on different events and happenings. Timeliness is achieved by integrating the Wayfinding with the mall’s data system.

Prisma Riihimäki

S Group's Store Digital jewel in Häme

In the completely renewed Prisma in Riihimäki, digital display solutions increase the flow of running errands.

Eye-catching customer service

Riihimäki Prisma was opened in August 2019, completely renovated and renewed. In addition to providing more space and service concepts, the hypermarket also gained a comprehensive digital display solution network. The DS solution is the most comprehensive and impressive in the S Group hypermarket chain.

The store has displays ranging from small wall-mounted 43-inch DS monitors to huge ceiling-mounted 98-inch UHD LED displays. The timeliness of announcements and advertising content is ensured by the BCN DS system. In addition to visual display communication, Prisma Riihimäki utilizes the BCN DS system to play announcements and audio ads.

S Group Osuuskauppa Hämeenmaa
Riihimäki, Finland
Products and Services
LED Displays, DS Displays, BCN Digital Signage

One of Prisma's concept innovations is a new food market. The screens serve as advertising surfaces for food market's own promotions and other campaigns.

The huge 86-inch duplex UHD screens hanging from the ceiling are eye-cathing and space-efficient.

The duplex screens above the spacious shop corridors attract attention and act as excellent campaign surfaces.

Digital communication can also be impressive on smaller surfaces. Screens placed close to sales articles blend in the store environment providing up to date information of products and campaigns.

Shopping Centre REDI

Seamless advertising and communication

Opened in September 2018, Shopping Centre Redi in Helsinki attracts customers with large digital displays.

Spectacular digital displays at REDI in Kalasatama

The Redi Shopping Centre, opened in September 2018, is located in the fast-growing Kalasatama neighbourhood in Helsinki. It is part of SRV's over-all plans, which includes eight towers and a parking facility.

Upon completion, Redi became the largest and most modern shopping center in the city and its range of Digital Signage contributes to that. Redi has invested heavily in large digital displays for advertising and communication purposes. There are a total of ten Craneworks LEDs, of which half are installed inside the shopping center and half on the exterior walls. Of the displays, the most modern and most impressive is the seamless angle design of two LEDs on the exterior walls.

According to Redi's Marketing Manager Heli Vainio, digital advertising displays are not only a major source of revenue for the shopping center, but also an important channel to inform shoppers about events and other happenings. Utilising informational displays and LEDs for communication and marketing makes Redi one of the Nordic's most significant digital-based shopping malls.

REDI Shopping Centre
Helsinki, Finland
Products and services
Indoor and outdoor LED-screens, digital totem displays

Outdoor advertisement in Redi is done by five LED-screens from Craneworks. The most impressive one is the seamless angle design of two LEDs mounted on the corner of the Hermannin Rantatie and Leonkatu intersection. It allows for a new kind of visual expression when it is presented both individually and across both displays.

In addition to the LEDs, we also installed 15 informational displays. The digital totem displays inside are customized to Redi's look and feel and function both as touchscreens and as digital advertisements.

Redi utilizes five LED-screens for Indoor advertising. Versatile content played on big screens in good locations is an efficient way to reach and entertain different target audiences.


The most advanced campus in Europe

Lahti University of Applied Sciences became a digital forerunner after opening the brand-new campus.

From a basic campus to an advanced ecosystem

Lahti became a more attractive student town after LAMK, Lahti University of Applied Sciences opened a new, digitalized campus in September 2018. Along the remake LAMK became one of the most advanced schools in terms of learning environment. One of the key factors of the digital remake is the Digital Signage implementation. It includes LED-screens, video walls, info screens and Wayfinding totems with touch screen. Contents are administered and displayed by BCN Digital Signage system and the guiding is done by BCN Dynamic Wayfinding system.

LAMK uses Digital Signage system for versatile communication purposes. Digital Signage is part of the university’s ecosystem, where future’s studying techniques, working life, responsibility and digital solutions meet. The campus area works as a multipurpose center where the university units and partner companies locate under the same roof.

LAMK Lahti University of Applied Sciences
Lahti, Finland
Products and Services
LED wall, video wall, digital touch totems, OLED screens, BCN Digital Signage system, BCN Dynamic Wayfinding system

A LED wall of 3.8 x 6.5 m was installed at the entrance of the new campus. A good visibility is granted for the advertisements and other contents with 25 m² screen.

Interactive routing is an important part of LAMK’s Digital Signage solutions. Altogether nine touch totems with BCN Dynamic Wayfinding were installed in the university’s premises. Finding the way to a class room or other places is now easy and efficient for the students and visitors.

With Digital Signage screens the university can for instance advertise their events or show opening times and classroom bookings. The students are involved in planning and producing the contents making Digital Signage a channel for learning and creating.

University of Linköping

Modern Wayfinding in a brand-new campus

University of Linköping is a vivid international study centre in southern Sweden. In summer 2019, the University completed a new administration and library service building, Studenthuset, where Craneworks designed and implemented BCN Dynamic Wayfinding system.

The architecturally magnificent seven-storey building comprises five library floors, an administrative floor, auditoriums, teamwork rooms, leisure facilities, a café and a restaurant. The BCN Dynamic Wayfinding system allows students and other visitors to search for premises and receive up-to-date information on services.

Sign Partners / Linköpings Universitet
Linköping, Sweden
Products and services
Digital touch screen totems, BCN Dynamic Wayfinding system

Tallink Megastar

The picture flows at the sea

The Tallink Megastar ship started sailing between Helsinki and Tallinn in January 2017. Craneworks installed an extensive Digital Signage system in the end of the shipbuilding project. Learn more about implementing Megastar and get to know our other references.

The finest Digital Signage project in the Baltic Sea

Tallink Megastar is the seventh cruise ship launched with Craneworks Digital Signage. Megastar is Tallink Grupp LTD's newest shuttle ship made by Turku Meyer Shipyard 2017 on the Helsinki-Tallinn route. The ship's power source is LNG, ie liquefied natural gas. The ship is 212.2 meters long and its 12 deck can accommodate a total of 2800 passengers. Tallink Megastar is perhaps by it's Digital Signage, the world's most modern and comprehensive cruise ship. There are more than 200 displays Craneworks has designed and built. Onboard the DS complexes are placed in lobby areas, lounges, shops, car parks and restaurants. The implementation includes a total of 130 info, ad, price lists and menus, as well as 15 video walls (2x2). The huge videowall display that has 18 screens is located in the Megawalls entrance of the ship. The gorgeous Megawall is equipped with Craneworks designed and implemented Selfie Wall software that lets the passengers send their own selfie from their mobile devices to everyone to see on Megawall. Selfie application has gotten much attention and is currently very popular among travelers.

Tallink Silja Oy is part of the AS Tallink Group, one of the largest passenger and cargo shipping companies in the Baltic Sea region. The company operates ships under the Silja Line brand from Helsinki and Turku trough Åland to Stockholm. In addition, Tallink Silja Oy sells ships operated by AS Tallink Grupp, which operates under the Tallink brand for example on route from Helsinki to Tallinn.Tallink Silja Oy operates in Helsinki, Turku and Tampere and is a subsidiary of Sally Ab in Mariehamn. 

The company employs approximately 500 people on land and about 1000 people at sea.

Tallink Grupp AS
Baltic Sea Helsinki-Tallinna, Tallink Megastar cruise ship
Products and services
BCN Digital Signage & control, helpdesk and maintenance service, content production, BCN templates

Video walls

Video walls have been installed around the Megastar ship for a total of 15 pieces, in several different locations and in several different sizes. The biggest and most beautiful of them is in the entrance, Megawall.

Embedded monitors

When the layout of the displays is taken into notice during the construction, different display solutions can be planned to be embedded in the furniture. There are several of them in Megastar, both in the Taxfree area and in the restaurants of the ship.

Selfie wall

The megastar DS chopper is a special Megawall, which is located on the entrance of the ship with 18 displays. It is equipped with Craveneworks designed and implementated Selfie Wall software that allows passengers to send selfies from their mobile devices to all passengers to see. Selfie application has attracted much attention and is currently very popular among travelers.


Finland's largest digital signage implementation

The S-Group chose Craneworks as its nationwide partner to implement the largest digitization of advertising in Finlands' store network.

In the Store Digital project S-Groups stores, the Prismas, S-markets, Alepas and Sales will be equipped with the Craneworks BCN system and large display surfaces that welcome the customers. Sokos department stores, Emotion beauty and wellness stores and ABC gas station stores will implement digital advertising solutions based on these concepts.

SOK chose the Digital Signage system as a domestic product

S-Group is a Finnish retail and service business network with more than 1,600 locations in Finland. The S Group comprises co-operatives and the Finnish Cooperative Society (SOK) with its subsidiaries.

The S-Group offers the services of supermarket, department store and specialty stores, service station and fuel trade, tourism, catering and hardware trade. In addition, the branches of car trade and agricultural trade are found in some cooperative companies and S-Bank offers comprehensive banking services for all customer-owners.

Craneworks is involved in the concept design, engineering and implementation of Digital Signage projects at the S-Group's outlets and sales network. We design, together with SOK Media, network display solutions and in all locations. We ensure digital advertising reaches eye pairs in the right places. Total deliveries include the introduction of the BCN system, installation of displays and media players, and after-service maintenance and after-sales service.

S-Group / SOK Media
S-Groups chains: Prismas, Sokos, S-markets, Alepas, Sales, ABC gas stations, Sokos -department stores, Emotion -beauty and wellness speciality stores, restaurants, hotels and S-bank.
Products and services
BCN Digital Signage, DAM integration, BCN Templates

The best scores and products

Craneworks's BCN Content Management System gained in an independent comparison the best score for usability and features. BCN is a reliable and easy-to-use platform for the S Group's digital advertising solutions.Craneworks supplies the S Group with a wide selection of the best displays, media players and other DS products.


As a first project, more than 300 DS displays were done to all HOK-Elantos Prismas, S-Markets and Alepas entrances, which show the advertising of the S Group and other companies. HOK-Elanto has also delivered impressive 75" screens to the Emotion chain and special bright windows to the Alepa chain.


During the spring of 2018, we designed and delivered over 100 screens of Store Digital and the installation of Osuuskauppa Arina in eight Prismas. Implementation is a continuation of the S Group's national project, which disseminates the BCN solution to all locations. In addition, large 86-inch displays were installed on the Prismas main corridors. These large display surfaces attach customers attentions with a focus on digital advertising.

Sokos Jyväskylä

In the summer of 2017, we implemented the Digital Signage design and installation of the Sokos Jyväskylä and Sokos shopping center. In the center of Jyväskylä, the Sokos department store and shopping center were fitted with 55-75 "screens and a spectacular 75" window display was installed in the pedestrian side window, in addition to the BCN Digital Signage system.

S-Groups chains

Craneworks has also been involved in conceptualizing and implementing DS solutions to ABC, Emotion and SOKOS chains. In particular, design has taken into notice the needs of chain communications, customer flows and chainwidth when the placement of the displays was decided.

DAM integration - content from one channel

BCN's and SOK's Digital Asset Management integration facilitates S-Group content production. Content creators in the S-Group can search for material directly from DAM and publish and schedule it in BCN via one channel.

Varuboden Osla

The S-Group's VBO updated screens to Craneworks technology

VBO joined the Store Digital concept

During the autumn of 2017, we implemented over a hundred display boards for Digital Store design and installation at the 37 offices of Osuuskauppa Varuboden-Osla Handelslagen. Implementation is a continuation of the S Group's customer relationship, where we have provided similar systems to several locations throughout Finland.

The first installations were made at VBO's three stores in Åland. After that, the remaining installations on the southern part of Finland were determined based on mapping. As a whole, the project lasted two months during which we delivered BCN Digital Signage systems to the Prisma, S-Markets and Salen stores.

In addition to the delivery of the new system, we took care of the old system of the retail chain.

The largest single display units were delivered to Kirkkonummi Prisma and Porvoo S-Market. Depending on the installation location, 43 '' - 84 '' enclosed displays were selected for the system. There were six pieces of 84 "screens installed at Prisma in the entrance and close to the Cash Points.

With this system, VBO opens up a wider opportunity to communicate and advertise real-time in its commercial and public premises.

Kamppi the Wall

Catching eye pairs at the best location

The Wall - The finest ad screen in Finland has arrived to Helsinki

Huge 108m² LED screen, which was build in October 2012, shines in Helsinki's best location, above Narinkkatoris main entrance to the Kamppi shopping center. Over 110,000 customers see the Wall's sharp and bright image every day. The Wall offers information and high quality advertising videos for passers-by, customers and passengers 24/7. Interactive special campaigns are also displayed on the screen. Craneworks implemented and built The Wall in collaboration with Kamppi Center Investments and Clear Channels. The ultra-sharp image and good color rendering of the LED display makes the Wall a landmark in Kamppi and Helsinki.

Read more about LED screensExamples of special campaigns
Shopping Center Kamppi
Narinkkatori, Helsinki
Products and services
108m² LED-screen, BCN Digital Signage

Silja Symphony & Serenade

Everything you see can be yours

Symhony and Serenade ships are practically sailing shopping and entertainment centers. The difference to the centers on land is just that customers spend more time on ships and expect more diversified services.

Craneworks executed the extensive and versatile Digital Signage and Wayfinding implementation with a total of more than 190 different-sized information displays during the Tallink Silja Symphony cruise ships upgrade. It included, among others, four large video walls, a large number of display screens, multiple touch-fitting Wayfinding screens, game screens for children and price lists and menus.

In addition to the Silja Serenade infotainment concept that we have previously renovated, we also introduced new items to the Symphony, including Sushi & Company menu screens, Silja Land children's play screens, three infototems and 80 " display on the promenade, restaurants and Atlantis Palace. The whole system can be controlled both inside and out of the ship, so the contents of the screens can be upgraded wherever and whenever is needed.

Tallink Silja Oy
Cruise ships Silja Symphony and Serenade, Baltic Sea
Products and services
BCN Digital Signage & Dynamic Wayfinding, videowalls, menuscreens, infototems

Ship full of displays

Craneworks implemented a wide and versatile Digital Signage and Wayfinding reform to the Tallink Silja Serenade, which included a total of 124 different size information displays. Among these are four large video walls, a large number of display screens, price displays, multiple touch-fitting Wayfinding guides and game screens for children. Tax Free Superstore monitors are campaigning for product launches for different suppliers with easy-to-upgrade advertising templates. The Grande Buffet's Buffet Signs provide information of buffet offers, which changes every meal from morning to night. The different restaurants and spa section displays work together in menu and advertising displays around the boat. The entire system can be upgraded and controlled both inside and out of the ship. The contents of the displays can therefore be upgraded whenever and wherever is needed, regardless of time and place. Tallink Silja changed the ship's internal advertising and information transfer to digital. This has been a good result with increased sales figures and increased number of participants in various ship events.

Promenade Video Wall

In addition to its own media player, the Promenades 3x3 video wall is also connected to the multi-camera system inside Atlantis Palace. At the beginning of the performances, a live image can be directed to the video wall, thus attracting customers from the promenade to the nightclub. The camera system also serves the displays in the Atlantis Palace, which can be used to run ads and offers, and to show the stage performs at places that aren't close to the stage.

BCN Dynamic Wayfinding

The BCN Dynamic Wayfinding screens operates across the entire ship as a interactive guiding map. All 12 floors of the ship can be browsed, rotatable and zoomable in three-dimensional maps. The Wayfinding service guides customers interactively to the services they provide, as well as to the cabin, and delivers information about ship events. The Wayfinding service always calculates the shortest route to the desired destination, taking into account only the current routes in the calculation. For example, a broken elevator can be marked in the system for maintenance mode, so it will not be guided through it. The system also includes information on ship's facilities and events and guides customers in seven different languages.

Menu screens

The ships have multiple menu screens that can easily be updated on a template basis from the BCN system. Some of the menus are passive and others controllable by touch.

Silja Land -playland

The renewed Siljaland is a place where children enjoy a safe environment and can play different games. The icecream bar in the area also ensures that children will enjoy while adults are shopping and enjoying other ship's offerings.


Ships are full of different sized video walls. In addition to its own media player, the Promenade 3x3 video wall is also connected to the multi-camera system inside Atlantis Palace. At the beginning of the performances, a live image can be directed to the video wall, thus attracting customers from the promenade to the nightclub. The camera system also serves the info displays in the Atlantis Palace, which can be used to run ads and offers, and to show stage performances at places where is not a direct vision to the stage.

Real-time changes

Operation of the BCN system is possible, both from land and from the ship directly. Content and campaigns are being prepared in land, but the Craneworks tailor-made site-server system also enables quick response and changes from the ship even if the network connection to the main server is temporarily broken. Thus, the system is always usable and changes are always possible.

Shopping Centers

Craneworks operates Finland's most important shopping centers

Most of the largest shopping centers in Finland have made the right choice and selected Craneworks's most advanced products and services. Craneworks has implemented a variety of solutions to more than 30 Finnish shopping malls, some of which have chosen Crane as its main partner.

Shopping Center Kamppi

Digitality is in the heart of Helsinki

The Kamppi shopping center was the first to access the 2.0 version of Craneworks BCN Dynamic Wayfinding. The user-designed interface with pieteet is fresh looking and offers a better user experience.

Effective guidance is very important in the Kamppi shopping center, where perceiving is hampered by several levels, floors and even buildings that are combined with the center. The center has over 40 million visitors annually, so the system needs to serve a wide range of needs and in several languages.

We also developed a new menuapplication for Kamppi, which enables customers to browse the offers of the restaurants on the renewed fifth floor Kortteli restaurants. The touchscreen with Menuapplication is located on the E-level, in the Korttelis entrance door, and drives people to eat on the 5th floor restaurants.

Shopping Center Kamppi / CBRE
Shopping Center Kamppi, Helsinki
Products and services
BCN Digital Signage + BCN Dynamic Wayfinding 2.0

Ease of use

The new Wayfinding 2.0 version features a customizable front page, from which the customer finds easily and quickly what they are looking for using the keywords.

New map

The active touch area was optimized to make browsing easy. The development work also took into account the improvement of the map's functionality. For example, 3D rendering is optimized for maximum power, which makes map moving and routing instantaneus.

New gadgets

New media players and modern touchscreen technology were replaced to 23 display screens of Kamppi. In addition to updating old display totems, three new wall touch screens were added to Kamppi to extend the use of the system.


Lost in Helsinki?

50 years of respectable age Makkaratalo's Shopping Center Citycenter renewed its DS look in collaboration with Craneworks in the spring of 2016. The massive totems of the shopping center were dismantled and replaced with 12 Ultra Slim 55" touch screen displays and three outdoor totems.

The totems were placed in key locations both inside the shopping center, in the Saarinen yard and on the platform. In addition, the old display screens of the shopping center were utilized and they were built in 3x3 video wall at the entrance to Keskuskatu.

Citycenter also introduced the Craneworks BCN Dynamic Wayfinding system to serve the shopping center's customers to find the locations they are looking for. The graphical look of the Wayfinding user interface complies with Citycenter's brand with colors and year rings. In addition to routing, the system also displays public transport schedules and guides the customer to the right stops.

Citycenter / Sponda Oyj
Citycenter, Makkaratalo, Helsinki
Products and services
BCN Digital Signage, BCN Dynamic Wayfinding, touch-totems, special campaigns

Shopping Center Itis

The largest shopping center in the Nordic countries navigates with Dynamic Wayfinding

In 2018 we upgraded Itis shopping centers Dynamic Wayfinding system to a new 2.0 version.

Craneworks updated the digital look by delivering and installing three magnificent LED displays to the shopping center in December 2015. A large, over 28m2 LED display was installed at the shopping center's central square.

In the autumn of 2013, we delivered a marketing, information and guiding solution for five touchscreen totems in the shopping center Itis. We delivered hardware, installations and Digital Signage software. The mapping service of the totems was also updated in spring 2018 in the Craneworks BCN Dynamic Wayfinding 2.0 system.

In summer 2018 We also delivered new hangind dual side LED screen in the middle of main avenue.

Shopping Center Itis / Wereldhave
Itäkeskus, Helsinki
Products and services
5 × LED-screens, BCN Digital Signage,
Dynamic Wayfinding


Largest shopping center Ratina in Tampere is a common urban meeting place in the heart of the city. Bright combination of fashion, delicacy, daily shopping, interior design and beauty and health services. Over 100 shops and services in the city's best location. We delivered 12 pieces of touch screen to wayfinding, and we installed JC Decaux 70 "and 80" ad screen totems.


The Redi shopping center will be completed in autumn 2018 in Kalasatama, Helsinki. Craneworks has signed an agreement for delivering 10 LED screens to Red. Five of them are placed on Red's facade and 5 LED screens indoors.

Sokos Jyväskylä

In the summer of 2017, we implemented the Digital Signage design and installation of Sokos Jyväskylä and Sokos Shopping Center. In the center of Jyväskylä, the Sokos department store and shopping center were fitted with 55-75 "screens and a spectacular, special 75" window screen was installed in the pedestrian street, and two 55 "high-density outdoor displays


In autumn 2013, Craneworks delivered the BCN Digital Signage and BCN Dynamic Wayfinding software solution covering the whole Shopping Center's interior and exterior shopping mall to the new shopping center Kaari. The system will enable the Shopping Center to advertise, guide and inform customers in a new and modern way.

The system covers both the shopping center's general premises, the restaurant world, Sokos, as well as a number of indoor and outdoor LED displays. The shopping center staff operates their own info and advertising content. Selling advertising space to outsiders is handled by Clear Channel Finland.

The Kaari on the touchscreen displays is the first shopping mall in Finland to have a presence sensor that automatically switches the ad display to a map view display as the customer approaches the screen.

Iso Omena

Over the years, Craneworks has been operating in the shopping center Iso Omena with several Digital Signage systems. For example, installed JC Decaux's promotional items and also been involved in installing and consulting the Clear Channel indoor LED display installation.


Craneworks delivered and installed new extra thin touchscreen totems in the summer of 2015 and the BCN Digital Signage shopping center Dix's first-stage facilities in Vantaa, Tikkurila. The delivered system is used as an advertising template and as an interactive touch screen if necessary.


Craneworks delivered and installed new extra thin touchscreen totems in the summer of 2014, as well as the BCN Digital Sigange and BCN Wayfinding shopping mall Hansan premises at Hansatori in the heart of Turku. The delivered system works both as an advertising template and as an interactive touch screen.

The new BCN Wayfinding map service was also integrated into Hansa's own web site. This way Wayfinding also guides customers through their own mobile terminals.


Hyvinkää Willa, the seventh largest shopping center in Finland, renewed its digital look with Craneworks. Craneworks was commissioned for the BCN Dynamic Wayfinding guidance system for six digital infototems. Modern digital wayfinding now serves customers in Hyvinkää center on both sides of Willantori. The project was implemented in spring 2018.

Dubai Mall

Craneworks delivered 25 pieces of 2-sided information display totems to the world's largest shopping mall, owned by Emaar, Totems were tailored and manufactured to meet Emaar's special needs.


The Latvian Shopping Center Domina is located in Riga, Latvia's capital. Domina chose Craneworks BCN's Dynamic Wayfinding shopping mall as a digital info and guidance system. The implementation was carried out in cooperation with Clear Channel Latvia.


In 2012, we implemented an information display solution at the shopping center Veturi in Kouvola. In the solution, the touch screens were integrated into the shopping center's large indoor guide totems base, where touchscreens are located. Craneworks provided hardware, installation and Digital Signage software.. Shopping center Veturi is owned by Kesko and advertising time is sold by Clear Channel Finland.


The Woluwe Shopping Center in Brussels, Belgium, chose Craneworks's BCN Digital Signage and Dynamic Wayfinding systems for the digital advertising, information and guidance of the Shopping Center.

Digital outdoor advertising

Strong ROI with sales

The world's largest outdoor advertising companies have chosen Craneworks's most advanced products and services. Craneworks has implemented various Digital Solutions solutions for more than 30 Finnish retailers in cooperation with leading foreign advertisers.

Digital Outdoor advertising -DOOH pays investment and generates huge revenue

Digital Outdoor advertising -DOOH is strongly in Craneworks DNA. We have developed our knowledge, software and processes to meet the broad and constantly changing needs of external advertisers. Together with our best partners, we can transform your Digital Signage project into a highly profitable revenue stream. Sharing the media space with the outdoor advertiser brings considerable revenue through advertising.

Clear Channel Finland, JC Decaux Finland, Mediateko, Clear Channel Latvia
Finland and Baltic
Products and services
BCN Digital Signage, BCN Dynamic Wayfinding, Videowalls, Infomonitors, touchtotems, LED-walls, special projects, Augmented Media, installation and maintenance.

Clear Channel Finland

We have been collaborating with Clear Channel Finland for Digital surfaces since 2006. All the first digital implementations of Clear are done by us. We have installed Down Town Digital Outdoor Display Network, LED displays, Indoor Screens, Infototems, Video Walls and also have maintained their DS network for years. In addition, over the years, we have implemented a large number of Augmented Media special campaigns, together with Clear and their customers and partners.

JC Decaux

We have installed the JC Decaux shopping center network with 70 "and 80" infototems around the Finnish shopping centers. A total of 16 different shopping malls, and installed a super-wide LED display of the Helsinki Rautatietori compass-level. We also installed the Digital Signage and Wayfinding implementation of the Kauppakeskus Ratina shopping center opened in spring 2018 in Tampere, in co-operation with JCD.


The Mediateko operates nearly 40 different golf centers and sells them Digital outdoor advertising with Craneworks BCN system around Finland.

Clear Channel Latvia

The Latvian Shopping Center Domina is located in Riga, Latvia's capital. Domina chose Craneworks BCN's Dynamic Wayfinding shopping mall as a digital info and guidance system. The implementation was carried out in cooperation with local Clear Channel Latvia.

Helsinki-Vantaa airport

Feel like travelling?

Craneworks products can be found at Helsinki-Vantaa airport from many different places.

Helsinki-Vantaa airport

Craneworks has designed and installed several state-of-the-art Digital Signage solutions at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport has an entrance to Finland and an important hub for Asian traffic. More than 40,000 passengers can see offers and information on DS monitors every day.

The solutions have been implemented in cooperation with Clear Channels, Finavia, Finnair, HMS host, Martela, UPM-Plywood, Karelia-Upofloor and Fortum.

Helsinki-Vantaa has been voted the best airport in Northern Europe in 2018 at SKYTRAX World Airport Awards.

Finavia, Finnair, HSM-host, Martela, UPM-Plywood, Karelia-Upofloor, Fortum
Helsinki-Vantaa airport
Products and services
BCN Digital Signage, Videowalls, Infomonitors, touchtotems, special projects

Finavia / T2 Video walls

Finavia is a Finnish airport company that enables smooth flight connections to the world through its airport network covering the entire country. Finavia's core business is the operation of airports.

Over the years we have implemented to Finavia a wide range of Digital Signage implementations, system integration and system maintenance. One of the most spectacular is the video walls in the outer wall of the T2 - Taxfree area, a bigger 3x6-inch super-video video wall is one of the great examples. The video wall can be run on every two separate 16/9 adverts or as one high resolution 4K surface. Sound showers also make it possible to use directed sound as part of an experience.

Clear Channel video wall

Craneworks transformed an old-fashioned and static ad slot at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to the dynamic Digital Signage video wall. In Terminal 2, the video wall near the exit port 30 is made up of nine Samsung's 55 "full HD LCD screens.

Craneworks implemented the video Wall with Clear Channel Finland in spring 2015.

Arctic Bar video wall

Craneworks delivered and installed Helsinki-Vantaa Airport's Arctic Bar HMS host video show in the spring of 2015. The Scandinavian drink bar is now inspired by six 55 " 16: 9 full HD LCD monitors. Videowall is an eye-catching spot with a Aurora borealis kind of light terminal at Terminal 2 gate 30 on the second floor.

In addition to the Videowall, Arctic Bar now has two display totems, from which customers can get up-to-date information on restaurant products and prices.

Photo: FInavia

Pier Zero

HMS host Pier Zero is undoubtedly the most spectacular restaurant in Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. We delivered information displays to promote restaurants offers.

Touch totems

We piloted with Finavia on two Touch totems together with Futurice, Wayfinding's possibilities at the airport. Futurice's terminal map shows the offers of different businesses.

Nordic Kitchen

The HMS Host's Nordic Kitchen is the terminal 2 of one of the largest restaurants in the Non Schengen area and offers Nordic flavors for many tastes. Craneworks delivered and installed displays and sound system for the restaurant.

Victoria's Secret

The first Finnish Victorias Secret store at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport received a small 2x2 videowall and a few other info displays delivered and installed by Craneworks.

Digitality raises attention and promotes sales and differentiates it more effectively from the offers of other stores.


Digital Signage

Finnkino's Digital Signage system has been built, tailored and maintained by Craneworks since 2006, the largest movie theater chain in Finland. The Aulakanava offers advertising to Finnkino's theaters, as well as movie trailers and interactive experiences of new, upcoming films.

Craneworks has implemented Digital Signage for Finkino, including: ticket sales screens, video walls, specialty LCD and LED window displays, cinemas gates screens (door rails), offer and product sales displays, and other advertised surfaces and touchtotems for games and special campaigns.

A large part of daily content is automatically generated on screens. The BCN Digital Signage system is integrated with Finnkino's own backround systems. Kuopio Scala operates in 2012 as a pilot for Finnkino's other theater digital signage projects.

Craneworks implemented a major DS reform for Finnkino Tennis Palace in 2015. During renowations Craneworks delivered and installed to Tennispalatsi nearly a hundred Digital Signage screens, including video wall, specialty window displays and LED display in the show window. Advertising and information for Tennispalatsi is handled by Craneworks's BCN Digital Signage Content Management System. For example, movie schedules and theathers can be easily and comfortably presented to customers through a customized template by Craneworks.

The BCN Digital Sigange system provided by Craneworks is also integrated with the Finnkino backend system so that most of the content is automatically presented in accordance with the information from the backend system.

Finnkino movie theaters around Finland
Products and services
Indoor displays, videowalls, extra bright screens. LED-screens, Infototems, BCN Digital Signage, BCN Template, BCN -integration

Explosive content on large screens

Finnkino theaters are full of different displays ranging from single screens, from screen sets to large video walls and outdoor and window LED displays. Different display surfaces serve customers in a variety of roles: customer information, ticket sales, mood creation, suplemental sales, media sales, and movie trailer support for distributors.

Presentations, place situations

Most of the content displayed on the Finnkino screens is automated. The HTML5-based templates of our BCN system have been programmed to automatically display ticket and location situations from different screens, controlled by data from Finnkino's backend systems.

Product advertising is also implemented with ad templates that only update product and price information and images. The starting movie and the next movie information on the theaters Gate displays will also be updated automatically. Content automation saves a lot of work hours in content management.

Touch Screen Totems

During the spring of 2017, we also delivered 65 "touch screen totems to every Finnkino theater. The totems are equipped with Kinect cameras and sound showers, as well as proximity sensors.

Totems work as a platform for a variety of interactive special campaigns where distributors and advertisers can promote their own products and movies.

Kinect cameras also feature audience measurement that provides Finnkino with important data on number of audience, age distribution and gender distribution at different times of day and week. This makes advertising much more focused.

Cultural institutions

Experiences, information

Craneworks' Digital Signage and Wayfinding solutions are perfect for performing arts and for informational purposes of arts and cultural institutions.

Helsinki Art Museum, HAM

Helsinki Art Museum HAM is a great example of the creative uses of Digital Signage. The HAM letters built from the three 55-inch displays in the museum store serve as a digital design element. In connection with ticket sales, the museum's second digital wow experience - a moving image projected onto a transparent wall. Outside the museum, the outdoor totem, advertises for example exhibitions, open doors and opening times.

Craneworks has planned the implementation together with the Helsinki Art Museum. The content and campaigns of HAM's digital solutions are managed through the Craneworks BCN DS system. Craneworks was also responsible for the installations.

HAM is the first in Finland to feature a 75 "two-sided Infinitus outdoor design. Its screens are extra bright, so the picture shows and looks good in any weather. The size, image quality and central location of the totem ensures good visibility for HAM's campaigns.

Helsinki City Museum

Craneworks delivered the Digital Signage solution to the renewed Helsinki City Museum in May 2016 at the Senate Square. The museum communicates to its customers about exhibitions, museum offerings and general information on events in Helsinki. The displays are located close to the customer service point and the museum shop. The screening of the displays was planned during the renovation and they were placed in a special case according to the new look of the museum. In spring 2017, the system was expanded to Hakasalmi Huvila


During the years 2013-2014, Craneworks implemented the Ateneum Art Museum at two stages in the Digital Signage indoor and outdoor use. The outdoor solution consists of three high-bright outdoor display to communicate to passers-by about Ateneum's offers. The totems are located on both sides of the museum building.

Inside Digital Signage solution comprises a video wall and a number of individual information displays and touch screens in connection with ticket sales point.


The leading contemporary art museum in Finland and neighboring areas Kiasma is now also modern in digital communications when Craneworks introduced the Digital Signage to the museum in spring 2015. It includes indoor and outdoor displays.

Two hig-brightness displays located on the outer wall of the museum, attracts the attention of passers-by and museum tourists. The displays show information about the museum's opening hours, exhibitions and events.

Sinebrychoff Art Museum

Digital Signage seamlessly adapts also to the old and valuable environment. The Sinebrychoff Art Museum took over the Craneworks BCN Digital Signage system in spring 2015 to enhance its information. The system includes two 24/7 professional displays, one outdoors and one inside.

In addition to the entrance on top of the stone stairway, the specially designed outdoor display communicates to the passers-by of the museum's exhibitions, opening hours and events.


Guaranteed implementations

Craneworks' Digital Signage solution is available at the two headquarters and extensive service network of LähiTapiola. During inventory upgrade, screens were designed and placed in windows and client waiting rooms.

Informative Digital Signage displays pay attention to the customers, providing entertainment and information about LähiTapiola products and services.

In connection with the Iso Omena expansion, Craneworks delivered the "Life Safety" concept screens consisting of a large window display, conference room displays, a large video wall and six separate displays to the LähiTapiola lippulaiva store.

In the spring of 2018, Craneworks delivered the public spaces of the Turku Life Safety office premises - high bright window displays and video wall.


Operational Control Center (OCC)

Digital Signage is also suitable for industrial use

Craneworks tailored to Finnair's new Operational Control Center (OCC), a new type of Digital Signage / Control Center solution that enables OCC staff to simultaneously monitor multiple data sources with a large 2x4 video wall, as well as separate individual information displays.

Behind the system is an iPad-controlled matrix / scalable solution and tailor-made Craneworks own BCN Digital Signage system that enables OCC employees to choose suitable source for monitoring various monitored scenarios for viewing on different screens on a video wall.

Craneworks made integration in the OCC project with a variety of sources of information. These include Finnair's Twitter feed, flight details, Finavia cameras at the airport, international news channels, event information channels, fleet status displays, departures and arrivals, etc.


Renewed marketing campaigns and created digital communication channels

Craneworks implemented Terveystalo's digital advertising and communication channel in twelve different cities around Finland in 2013-2014. Through a comprehensive communication channel, Terveystalo can flexibly publish its own information, as well as their own and partner affiliate ads on customer premises. In 2017-2018, Terveystalo ordered Craneworks DS displays for their new offices. A total of 16 displays were installed at the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and 11 in Eastern and Central Finland locations. The aim of the project was to standardize and renew marketing campaigns and to open up more digital communication channels to different units. The system is managed centrally from Helsinki's main office. With the system, units can also generate their own local content for DS channels.

Our other clients


In the early stages of the construction of the Shopping Center Redi, information on the SRV construction site was updated to digital format.

With the Craneworks DS system, the construction site quickly responds to weather conditions, informs security issues and, if necessary, promotes the day-to-day offers of construction sites canteens. Craneworks has also provided SRV's headquarters for the DS system for internal communications.


In 2012, Craneworks designed and implemented the Digital Signage implementation of Oy Aurinkomatkat - Suntours Ltd Ab. DS monitors were installed as part of the décor for customer waiting rooms in many locations.

In addition to regular travel advertising, we also program dynamically updated content on the system, where the Aurinkomatkat web site updating the fast trips and hotel offers are also updated on Digital Signage screens at various locations.


Tieto's new Keilaniemi headquarters aim to create the best possible environment for innovation and startup support for communal and flexible working methods.

Craneworks delivered the DS system to the new premises.

Bio Rex

Craneworks' Digital Signage system is used in Biorex cinemas in Espoo, Kajaani, Porvoo and Hämeenlinna where it offers the film lovers a modern way to enjoy movie trailers and product advertising in the lobby.


PAF operates its gaming business on Tallink Silja's vessels and Åland in its own Casino gaming areas. Craneworks has provided these sites with games promoting the Digital Signage system and a variety of template based content creation solutions.


Elenia Oy, a service that provides energy, provides customer service for electricity, district heating, natural gas and electricity sales.

Craneworks provided Elena's internal use of the Digital Signage system, which provides employees with information about Intra and current informations.

DownTown Digital Network

In Helsinki, Tampere, Lahti and Jyväskylä there are double-sided outdoor displays at the most important center locations. These display themes bring attention and provide map services and show ads to passers-by.

Jungle Juice Bar

The Jungle Juice Bar chain from the Lions Den program has chosen Craneworks as the BCN Digital Signage service to boost its sales.

The rapidly expanding chain currently operates in 11 different locations in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Turku, Tampere, Lappeenranta and Kuopio.

Clear Channel, Rautatientori

We delivered to the Clear Channel 70" Display totems at the Helsinki Central Railway Station for outdoor advertizing usage

DesignTalo / DEM Group

At the end of 2016, Craneworks delivered the Design House DS system in co-operation with Inmics. There were large 75 '' displays and smaller 55 '' displays in the conference rooms at Vantaa's Pakkala office. The Craneworks BCN system is in use at the Design House at other locations.

Keravas library

The Kerava Library introduced the Craneworks BCN Digital Signage system. Delivery included, Inside displays, display totems, and specially-sized window displays to inform to passers-by of library events.


Comptel uses BCN Digital Signage in its internal communications in different offices around the world. There are offices in Finland, Italy, Bulgaria, India, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil and Malaysia.

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