BCN Productions

Your own production partner

We are a full-service content creation company, making tailor-made content production for all your needs. We shoot pictures and videos, cut, animate, record and produce both traditional content and program content templates and apps for Digital Signage systems. Combined with our strong specialty campaign expertise, we are a superior partner in content production.

BCN Productions showreel

Here are some of our typical Digital Signage content production in Showreel format.
Our services

Content production
with experience

Before Craneworks our founders worked on content production in MTV3, Toast Post Production and in several different production companies. So we have knowledge of the industry and more than 25 years of experience. Contact our experts before you start planning your project
and you will get your big picture to work better.

Graphic design

We do graphic design with both still, video, 2D and 3D animations, holographic content and user interfaces.


We shoot with the traditional man & camera configuration, but we also have a set of action cameras that can do timelapse shootings and various special events with multiple cameras.


We cut the materials in our own edit room where you can come to design production together with us.

2D and 3D animations

We do 2D and 3D animations with the industry's best tools to meet your needs.

Audio productions

We record our speaks, mix and make music and sound for your needs.

Composing music

We have in-house composers who can tailor music or sound experience for your brand.

Service design and UI

Designing user interfaces is an
important part of our content production. All interactive surfaces, games and special campaigns need an easy-to-use interface so that customer experience would be best possible.

Programmable contents
and applications

Programmable content is programmed to work with your special needs, wheather you need a new application or a special campaign, we will design and implement it for you.


Template is the easiest way to publish daily content. We program a branded content template for you to quickly and flexibly communicate through Digital Signage.

Why to buy content
solutions from us?

We combine system deliveries, software, traditional content production,
programmable content and special campaign knowledge.

Our extensive expertise will give you the widest possible palette to execute your visions.

All services
from one place

You can order the entire content production chain directly from us.

It's easy, fast and cost-effective when you do not have to go through many different suppliers and meetups for everybody to communicate with each other.

with smart programming

Our content production is flexible
and comprehensive due to our
service platform and programmable content expertise.

We are able to consult you with the most reasonable and cost-effective way to deliver content for all your needs.

Integration saves you money

Cost-effectiveness is
that the same repetitive tactical ads
or notices will not always have
to be made from the scratch.

Customized content templates on your brand and automatized content creation can help to reduce the content creation steps, cost and speed up the process significantly.

Gain more with us.

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