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Digital Signage Hand Sanitizer

Responsible Advertising for Your Customers’ Safety

Digital Signage Hand Sanitizer is a high-quality hand disinfection device and digital signage display in the same package. It is designed to take care of your guests’ safe customer experience starting from the store’s entrance.
Increase your sales with highly visible ad space and send a message of responsibility by protecting your customers.
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Increase Your Sales with Datadriven Tools

By advertising products and campaigns on digital displays, you can increase sales by hundreds of percent at best.
The device can be equipped with an analytics sensor that collects anonymous information about passing customers, device utilization, and viewed ads. Screens can be used to create an effective advertising media that allow ads to be targeted to the right audiences at the right time, based on the data collected. The ad inventory can also be sold programmatically through AdForm.
The Digital Signage Hand Sanitizer can be integrated into an existing BCN Digital Signage system, allowing you to control your advertising with the same tools as other screens on your network.

Premium Hand Disinfectant from Isokyrö Distillery

The hand disinfectant is produced by world famous Kyrö Distillery Company, which is highly awarded for its rye gin. The disinfectant made in Isokyrö, Finland, have a mild scent and a pleasant consistency that does not leave your hands sticky.
The sufficiency of the disinfectant is guaranteed by continuous, automated remote monitoring. The device measures the weight of the disinfectant tank and automatically alerts you when the tank needs to be filled.

Long-lasting High-quality Device

The Digital Signage Hand Sanitizer is a technically high-quality device designed and manufactured in the EU for long-term use. The design of the device takes into account customer ergonomics and unobstructed access to the dispenser.

22” Digital Signage Hand Sanitizer

The lightweight and elegantly designed Digital Signage Hand Sanitizer with floor or wall mounting is suitable for all interiors. The device is available with or without protection glass and can also be custom-made: painted and branded according to the customer's wishes.

Additional Features

  • Analytics sensor and software
  • 4G or WiFi base station
  • Front panel glazing and taping
  • Screen protection glass
  • Ultra-bright display or touch screen
  • Loudspeakers
The device can also be equipped with active ventilation and dust filters to extend the life of the electronics.
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13” Digital Signage Hand Sanitizer

The 13 "Digital Signage Hand Sanitizer with a smaller 13" Samsung 250 nits info display is a cost-effective way to digitally communicate when hand disinfecting if you don't need analytics features or a proximity sensor.

Hand Sanitizer Without Display

Hand Sanitizer without a display is the most cost-effective option if you do not want to communicate and advertise on digital displays. It includes the same basic features of hand disinfection as other models.

A Full Service Package

We offer a full service delivery that includes:
  • Digital Signage Hand Sanitizer devices with selected features
  • BCN Digital Signage software and its maintenance
  • Analytics software (optional)
  • Helpdesk and remote monitoring services  
  • Hardware maintenance and software maintenance  
  • Disinfectants and refilling service
The equipment can be purchased as a one-time purchase or under a leasing agreement. The software is sold as a SaaS service for a monthly fee.

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