Digital Signage

Targeted sales, marketing, and communication

Craneworks is Finland's largest and most experienced digital signage operator. Contact us when you want to take your business to a new level. With our high-quality Digital Signage solutions, you enhance the value of your brand and communicate effectively exactly where your target audience is.

Craneworks is Samsung Platinium Partner

Samsung's Digital Signage displays and LED displays are renowned for their reliability, excellent technical and visual performance, not to mention the increasingly crucial aspects of absolute cybersecurity and remote management. From Samsung's range of displays, you'll find the right product for all your communication needs. Samsung stands out from its competitors also due to its customer support and smooth collaboration. Therefore, it's easy for Craneworks to be a trusted partner of Samsung in digital display solutions.

Benefits of digital signage

When technology, content and advertising work together, Digital Signage is the most powerful tool for influencing.
The impact and attention of a moving picture and sound are staggering compared to the static media. With multi-dimensional timing features Digital Signage can target your advertising to the desired audience, at the right time and in the right place. This has a strong sales impact, while guiding the customer's purchasing behavior in the buying situation.
Advertisement contacts can be identified anonymously and compare the effectiveness of content with age, gender or other features. By combining analytical data with sales figures, the effectiveness of advertising on sales and purchasing behavior can be monitored and enhanced in real time.
Digital Signage can significantly reduce communication costs. On the other hand, utilizing Digital Signage can be proven to increase sales by up to several hundred percents. The result is the best possible benefit and return, as well as the shortest possible repayment period for the investment.
Reaction time
The material is immediately displayed on the screen without transport and material costs or delays. Campaigns are simultaneously published to all locations. Data and offers can be updated in real time under the changing situations.
The Digital Signage network is infinitely expandable with different types of display solutions. The coverage and power of advertising and communications are growing at the same pace with your network.
The Digital Signage implementations designed, executed, and operated by Craneworks function in the most significant public and commercial spaces throughout Finland. This includes solutions ranging from single-screen setups to comprehensive installations for retail chains, featuring hundreds of screens, video walls, information totems, and LED walls.

Finland's largest Digital Signage implementation

The S-Group chose Craneworks as its nationwide partner to implement the largest digitization of advertising in the store network in Finland. Craneworks takes care of the technical design and implementation throughout the digitization project.  Craneworks BCN content management system and SOK's DAM material management system are integrated between each other for this project.
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Digital Signage Audio

Craneworks Digital Signage Audio systems include tools for all audio communication needs. The BCN Digital Signage Audio software also enables modern media sales and in-store marketing with targeting tools. Get the most out of your audio advertising, and the best value out of your owned in-store media.
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Solutions for different industries

The need for each customer is a bit different and the gold of Digital Signage is actually its flexibility. Craneworks' Digital Signage solutions enable you to create unique and customer-looking implementations. We actively survey customer needs and arrange the system and operating model to support the set targets.
Shopping and Entertaintment Centers
Large displays placed along the customer's route guides customer flows and promotes the services of the stores. The displays can be used to tell, for example, about current offers, events, schedules, and locations. Displays can also work as a combination of an ad screen and infopoint, when customers can touch the screen to find their location at the mall, find services or products they want with route guidance of wayfinding.
Stores and locations
Digital Signage displays can be placed in stores with different product groups. Dynamically updated content can be used to guide customers to special offers. Prices, product information, promotions and ads can be fine-tuned and used effectively to control customers purchasing behavior.

If the ad slot is integrated with cash data, the impact of tactical advertising on the revenue stream can be monitored in real time. Digital Signage allows you to create a variety of special events and product launches that will capture your customers' attention.
Public transportation
Digital Signage is also visible information content and advertising in traffic. On trains, ships, buses, trams, taxis and subways, people have a lot of time to watch and embrace. A good way to catch attention is a moving, colorful advertisement with entertaining and informative content.

Digital Signage solutions can be exported to public transport and effectively reach the target audience every day. Campaign publishing is fast and inexpensive. The message can be precisely targeted to the desired target group, at the desired time and in the desired location.
Exterior spaces and display windows
Digital Signage has a purpose. It's not just wonderful pictures on fine screens. The Craneworks DS-solution draws the attention of people passing by, stops them and guides them to the store.

Large outdoor displays in the street view are the most visible Digital Signage. New LED solutions deliver unparalleled bright colors, high precision and eye-catching placements. Massive outdoor display collects hundreds of thousands of glances daily and brings light, interest, and interaction in the middle of ordinary print ads.
Dynamic posters
Digital Signage is cost-effective. Printing large prints takes time and they are static. In the Digital Signage screen content can be changed in no time.

Production and publishing of TV and paper ads is slow, expensive and advertising time is limited . Digital Signage can utilize existing materials or create new versions of the previously created promotional material, and the same material will get thousands of repetitions in the presentation loop every week.
Campuses and hospitals
Digital displays are great for large hospital complexes and educational environments. In large areas of several buildings, there is a strong need to guide students, customers and guests in several languages, and inform them about the various events and changes in timetables, kiosks and restaurants offers and to provide information of current things. Digital Signage and Wayfinding are agile, real-time, up-to-date tools to meet these needs and make it more enjoyable and quicker.
Cities can take advantage of smart digital services and guidance. Digital Signage can entertain, build a new kind of cityscape and space, highlight media art or create a modern digital city scene with interactive games. Digital Signage equipment can also be integrated in street objects. They may also include for example WLAN base stations, defibrillators, electric car charging stations or citybikes renting stations.
Industry and production
Digital Signage solutions also work well in the industrial environment. Important production-related messages can be displayed real-time in places needed. Presenting production figures to staff acts as a good incentive to work and can also be part of the bonus system increasing the results.Information related to security, training and special situations also reaches the staff instantly. Through the info-channel, staff or groups of customers can simultaneously communicate about current things.
Public facilities and cultural institutions
Digital Signage works in public spaces as an effective messenger and guider. Displays, placed in strategic locations, target different customer groups. In reception rooms, the screens can greet and direct to the right direction, in waiting rooms entertain, inform, guide, or collect customer feedback. The purpose of the Craneworks DS-solution is to draw customers attention, stop and lead them inside. When technology, content and advertising messages work in partnership, Digital Signage is an unbeatable advertisement and information tool.

Digital Signage is cost-effective. Content can be swapped in the Digital Signage screens in no time. Digital Signage can utilize existing materials and publishing is fast and inexpensive.
Airports and transport stations
Digital Signage works most effectively there where a lot of people are moving. At airports and traffic stations passengers' attention is easy to reach with large displays and impressive advertisements. The waiting time is long, so providing traffic information, schedules, signposts or their changes and entertainment in the vicinity of the waiting areas will add customers' enjoyment.