In-store retail media

Monetise in-store audiences

Retail media inside the stores has been around for decades already. Brands and trade partners have had the urge to be seen where the actual purchasing decisions are made. On the other hand, modern in-store retail media is a modern business model in which retailers monetize their valuable customer insight as a reach for advertisers.
The platform is also suitable for a media sales company wanting to combine several smaller networks as a unified audience inventory:
To build a successful in-store retail media business, besides the software solution, you also need a strong screen network. Craneworks has for years been s trusted partner for S-Group (a 12 billion EUR Finnish retail giant). Craneworks delivers the in-store retail media platform and oversees building and maintaining the network, now at the end of 2023 reaching 5000 screens and expanding rapidly.
In-store retail media is a new high-margin revenue stream not only for grocery and other retail but also for many other industries that have audiences that interest advertisers. Examples of these other industries include gas stations, movie theatres and pharmacies.

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raneworks can offer all the needed services for those planning to start their own in-store retail media business from consulting the retail media business planning to building the network and finding the optional media sales partner.