Digital Signage Outdoor Displays

Striking displays for outdoor use

Outdoor displays are an excellent way to capture attention and attract passersby into retail spaces, effectively advertising outdoors throughout the year and day, amidst large streams of people.
Digital signage sisänäytöt
Outdoor pylons and displays attract attention in outdoor spaces, positioned at eye level along customers' pathways. Bright and high-contrast displays stand out well even in bright sunlight, automatically adjusting to different lighting conditions. These displays endure both high and low temperatures and are encased to be impact-resistant.

A whole spectrum of use cases

The most common outdoor displays are advertising displays and totems, with messages that capture attention and guide customers into the store. Outdoor pylons and displays can also be interactive touchscreens and can be integrated with other functions, such as electric vehicle charging points, Wi-Fi access, or even a defibrillator for emergencies.
Digital signage näyttöjä
  • Display panel technologies: LCD and LED
  • Brightness of displays: 1500 - 7000 nits
  • Extremely high contrast, up to 1000000:1
  • HVAC (compressor) cooling maximizes the brightness and lifespan of the display, preventing the darkening effect of the screen in the most demanding extreme conditions
  • Fan-cooled totems are more affordable and suitable for most installation sites
  • Operating temperature depending on the model and casing:
    -40°C – 55°C (HVAC) or
    -25°C – 40°C (fan-cooled)
  • Moisture protection of the casing depending on the model: IP55 (Semi outdoor) – IP66 (Extreme outdoor)
High-brightness screen
Adaptable to lighting conditions
Easy to keep clean
WiFi sharing
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