BCN Digital Signage Platform

The most reliable, versatile, and advanced

BCN Digital Signage platform takes care of all your publishing needs for all digital media surfaces – not to mention audio media. The platform provides advanced tools for managing your entire display network, content management, commercializing media space, and targeting advertising.
The BCN Digital Signage SaaS platform has been developed for over 15 years and is used in largest display networks, powering communication across tens of thousands of media surfaces. The BCN software is user-friendly, fast, and reliable. New, cutting-edge features enable targeted content delivery and maximum audience reach.

The most versatile and reliable Digital Signage CMS

BCN encompasses everything needed for real-time information, dynamic content, and advertising campaign creation and distribution, even in complex display and audio networks and channel structures.

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Advanced data-driven In-Store retail media toolset

Modern in-store retail media means monetizing valuable customer insights as audiences for advertisers. BCN is equipped with state-of-the-art data-driven targeting, media sales, and trade partner marketing tools.

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Extensive support for both new and old media players

The BCN platform operates on nearly all media players available on the market, both external and internal (SoC) players.

Tools for sensory marketing

Sensory marketing is a direct pathway to the world of human emotions and perceptions. With the BCN platform, you can control images, sounds, lights, and scents - creating a unique customer experience.
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Content and campaign management
User-friendly tools for managing content and campaigns
Importing content into BCN is easy. You can upload multiple different files and common file formats for publication in campaigns, easily through your browser. Create campaigns from the content and publish.
With dynamic content templates, you can quickly update changing content manually or completely automatically. BCN securely integrates with external data sources such as Facebook, Microsoft SharePoint, O365, and BI, as well as your internal systems (DAM, PIM, etc.).
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Scheduling and targeting
Schedule your campaigns manually or target them automatically to the right audience
You can efficiently schedule and publish your campaigns even in complex display networks or channel structures so that the campaign appears exactly where and when you want it to. If you know your audience, BCN can automatically schedule visibility based on customer data optimally targeting the audience you want to reach.
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In-Store Retail Media
Monetize your audiences with In-store retail media
With our new retail media tools, you can sell desired audiences from your display and audio network to suppliers, media agencies, or brands. BCN automates inventory management, and your partners can buy ad space directly from the partner portal.
The BCN platform also enables integration with programmatic buying interfaces.
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Deployment and maintenance
Easily get started with a reliable partner
With our help, the BCN platform is easy to implement as the powerhouse for a new digital signage network or to enhance an existing one. We audit and assist in building and developing the network.
In addition to being extremely user-friendly, BCN is also reliable. The software's SLA is typically over 99.8%. Our Helpdesk is always available to support you.
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Your platform sounds comprehensive and versatile. Does it also imply complexity?

Fortunately, no. Throughout the entire software development process, we have focused on usability and ease of use. Training on the BCN platform takes less than an hour, and after that, users are ready to create, schedule, and target their first campaigns.

Do the displays in the existing display network need to be replaced if we adopt the BCN platform?

No, the BCN platform supports nearly all new and old digital signage media players. It works with operating systems such as Samsung/Tizen, LG/WebOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, and Linux. In the most exotic cases, an external media player can be added to the display, thus integrating it into the network.

We have recently invested in our e-commerce information systems. Can we leverage these systems for our in-store display advertising?

Yes. The BCN platform integrates well with basic retail systems (e.g., DAM, PIM, POS) and excels at leveraging contextual information. This significantly enhances advertising intelligence. We have delved into the topic in our blog: In-store retail media success factors: Content automation

Can the BCN platform be used for audio advertising?

Yes indeed. BCN Digital Signage Audio functions both as a standalone audio system and in conjunction with informational and advertising displays. You can manage recurring announcements and audio ambiance with it, but you can also create audio advertising channel and sell audio space just like you would with display media space. Read more about digital signage audio.  

Your platform supports multisensory marketing. What benefits could that provide for me?

Sensory marketing aims to influence purchasing behavior by creating moods, emotions, memories, pleasure, and associations without burdening human cognitive processing. There has been a lot of research and scientific evidence on the impact of senses on purchasing behavior and brand building - with our own customers, we have observed up to a 200% increase in sales of the marketed product category. Read more about sensory marketing and about our solutions for it.

Why would I choose the BCN platform over a competing product?

Oh, where do I begin :) BCN is clearly the most versatile solution on the market, with everything available in one package. Even if you don't currently need all its features, they're ready for you as your business evolves. In addition, the key selection criteria for our customers have been reliability and an easy-to-use, intuitive interface. The BCN platform and service are available in Finnish (and of course, English). By choosing the BCN platform, you also support Finnish work. Our website only scratches the surface of all the platform's features. Get in touch with us to arrange a more detailed presentation.