Window facing Digital Signage

Special high-brightness displays for windows

Window facing displays are specially bright screens that withstand the heat generated by sunlight and are bright enough to display high-quality images in direct sunlight. We assist our customers in choosing window facing displays that not only have excellent visibility but also endure direct sunlight year after year without malfunctioning.
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Choosing the proper display

Digital Signage window facing displays are specialized screens designed for continuous professional use, 24/7/365, engineered to meet the specific demands of storefront windows. Compared to regular indoor displays, window facing displays can have brightness levels up to 5-20 times higher. These high-brightness displays come in various brightness ranges, from 1500 to 7000 nits. The size of the surfaces and the amount of sunlight determine the display's characteristics.
Digital signage näyttöjä
  • Display panel technologies: LCD and LED
  • Passive cooling is achieved without moving parts. The display withstands temperatures up to 110 degrees Celsius without malfunctioning.
  • Extremely high contrast: 1000000:1
  • Remote management, updates, and diagnostics over the network assist in display network management and minimize maintenance costs.
  • Individual display sizes range from 22 inches for small screens up to 85-inch displays and HB video walls
  • Displays are available in Full HD and UHD resolutions as well as a few specialized resolutions
  • Also available with ultra-thin bezels for special high-brightness video walls
  • Multiple display manufacturers, including Samsung, LG, NEC, Philips, Dynascan

Range 1500-7000 nits

1500 nits
Shaded windows, for example, those protected with awnings 

2500-3000 nits
Brighter locations, not directly in the sunlight

4000 nits
Brighter areas, partially in direct sunlight

5000 + nits
Direct sunlight

*) Nit is a unit used by display manufacturers to describe the intensity of light emitted from the surface of a screen. The higher the nit count, the brighter the image the display produces, and the clearer the picture appears in brightly lit environments.
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